George Flynn

Principal at EuropeanHighYield.Online

George has 15+ years’ experience in credit. He is a Managing Director at Everest Research, a Deep Dive Independent High Yield Research Firm and owner of European High Yield Online. He started his career at ECM Asset Management where he worked as a portfolio analyst, trader and senior research analyst. He was hired as a Senior Credit Analyst in the High Yield Team at Pictet, one of Europe’s largest High Yield mandates. He has a broad skill set that has allowed him to implement a Quantamental approach to credit research as well as developing and implementing in house research and portfolio reporting solutions. He has contributed to and has been quoted in the financial press. You can follow him on twitter @EuroYield

Patrick Saux

Researcher in Machine Learning and Quantitative Finance

Patrick was an associate quantitative strategist at Goldman Sachs, where he worked on multiple desks including Rates Volatility and Exotics, Flow Credit and Exotic Credit. His experience covers pricing and risk management of credit derivatives, exotic rates products and illiquid notes, as well as bond volumes predictions. Before that, Patrick was a visiting researcher intern at Oxford-Man AHL Institute of Quantitative Finance, working on the interplay between rough paths theory and machine learning. He is now a doctoral student at Inria Scool (ex SequeL), developing theory and applications of non-stationary bandits in Reinforcement Learning.


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